Aircraft Physical Inspection

Maintenance Records Review

Un-Biased Technical Advisory

We are an aircraft trade company specialized in new and used aircraft trade. We provides the lowest commercial and private aircraft trade rate in the world.

Located Strategically at United State - Miami and Brazil - Sao Paulo cities near to the main majors finacial centers we are able to provides reliable several services like as:

  • ​Aircraf & Engine Finanncial Support

  • Aircraft Purchase & Sales Agreement

  • Aircraft Purchase Inspection (PPI)

  • Aircraft Records Maintenance Audit

  • Aircraft Acceptance, Delivery, ReDelivery

  • Aircraft Remarketing Services

  • Aircraft Lease Management

  • Aircraft Purchase Sales Special Low Tax in Brazil

  • MRO Representative During Heavy Maintenance

  • FAA/DAR Certification

        Others as Required: If these services do not meet your requeriments, please contact us for special services


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