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Aircraft Redelivery

We are specialized in the aircrat redelivery and aircraft lease return wordwide services. Our aircraft redelivery consultant knows all the stages of the aircraft redelivery process, thus ensuring that the conditions for returning the aircraft are in accordance with the purchase / sale / lease and navigability agreement.

Global Aviation Technical Services is an aviation consulting company specialized in providing technical aviation services and aircraft redelivery management for commercial and private aircraft. 

Strategically headquartered in Miami - United States and São Paulo - Brazil, close to the main commercial centers, our team of specialists in aircraft redelivery services is capable of manager aircraft redelivery projects worldwide.

Aircraft redelivery management and aircraft lease return management services must be performed to ensure that the aircraft and its installed components are actually in compliance with the purchase, sale or lease agreement

Our aircraft redelivery services specialists and our team of aircraft redelivery consultants are fully trained in all step of the aircraft delivery process.

During the aircraft audit process, our specialist performs a detailed physical and documentary inspection of the aircraft, engines and installed components, allowing the non-conformities found to be corrected in time before delivery to the next operator.

We are specialists in providing aircraft acceptance services on behalf of third parties; aircraft delivery service; aircraft concession return worldwide. 

Aircraft Acceptance

  • Evaluation a possible exposure to the aircraft

  • Un-Biased Technical Advisory

  • Aircraft Physical Inspection

  • Maintenance Records Review

  • Detailed Reporting to buyer

Aircraft Delivery

  • Comprehensive records review & physical inspection to ensure compliance with delivery conditions

  • Seamless coordination with Technical management team

  • Reporting & resolving Non compliance issues in timely manner

  • Coordination for Aircraft delivery to lessees / operators

  • Flexible team skills for complete projects

Aircraft Redelivery

  • In-depth records review & thorough physical inspection to confirm compliance with redelivery condition

  • Liaise with Technical Management Team

  • Reporting & resolving non-compliance issues

  • Coordinate inspection for next operator/lessor

Aircraft Redelivery Checklist


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