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Leading aircraft records management company provides specialized aircraft records audit services. Aircraft Maintenance Record Audit shall be performed to verify that the aircraft and its installed components are in fact in accordance with the terms set forth in the purchase, sale, lease and airworthiness agreement as required by the local authority and manufacturer's manuals. Our Aircraft Maintenance Records Audit are performed by ours Aircraft Maintenance Technical Records Audit teams around the world.

During aircraft records audits projects, our Aircraft Record Auditor performs a detailed physical and documentary inspection of the aircraft and its components, allowing all non-conformities found to be corrected in a timely manner prior to delivery to the next operator.



       Main Services/Audit to be Done

  • Time’s and cycles of aircraft and major components

  • Airworthiness Directives (AD’s)

  • Letters of AD alternate means of compliance

  • Engine records such as AD’s, LLP’s, repairs, shop reports

  • Engine and APU disk status sheets

  • Engine & APU last shop reports.

  • Engine & APU AD and modification status.

  • Master time log

  • Last accomplished maintenance checks

  • Airframe LLP’s

  • Landing gears

  • Hard time Components

  • Altimeters, Transponders, Flight Records read out.

  • Avionics Equipment

  • Rotable Components

  • SSID task compliance

  • CPCP task compliance

  • Ageing aircraft task compliance

  • Weight & Balance data file

  • Major repairs and alterations file.

  • Accomplished Service Bulletins

  • Accomplished Engineering Orders

  • Structural Repair mapping and assessment

  • Burn test certification data

  • Cabin Seat configuration drawing (LOPA)

  • Cabin Emergence Equipment drawing.

  • Previous operator letters concerning Incidents, Accidents and the aircraft maintenance i.a.w. an approved maintenance program.

  • Previous Operators Maintenance Schedule

  • Others as Required: If these services do not meet yours requeriments, please contact us for special services


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