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Located in Florida - United States, we are the leader company in the aircraft parts market. We are worldwide aircraft parts supplier of commercial and private with reduced taxes and fees.

Our technical team is strategically located at our +3.000 m² facility in the city of Miami, near major aircraft parts manufacturers and aircraft parts distributors. Through our systems we are able to locate and find the correct number of your aircraft part, negotiate it and send it to you in the most economical conditions of the market.

Main Services/Activities

  • Aircraft Parts for Sale

  • Aircraft Parts Receiving/Shipping

  • Aircraft Parts AOG

  • Aircraft Repair Management

  • On Site Representative During Maintenance

  • Aircraft Parts Transportation

  • Aircraft Parts Repair

  • Aircraft Parts Lease

  • Aircraft Parts Trading

  • Aircraft Parts Repair and Overhaul

  • Aircraft Parts Procurement

  • Aircraft Spare Parts Procurement

  • Engine Boroscopic

  • Eddy Current Test

  • MRO Assistance


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