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Aircraft Component Repair Management

Aircraft Parts Repair

Aircraft Parts Repair & Overhaul


Located in Miami, we offer aircraft parts repair services for commercial and private aircraft. We are experts in aircraft component repair management services.

Strategically located at 3,000m²  facility in Miami city, with highly trained staffs near major ports, airports and maintenance workshops and MROs, we can pick up your aircraft parts and ship them to the maintenance workshop of your choice and provide all the assistance so that you receive it back in your stock as soon as possible.

        Main Services Provides:

  • Aircraft Parts Receiving/Shipping

  • Aircraft Parts AOG

  • Aircraft Repair Management

  • On Site Representative During Maintenance

  • Aircraft Parts Transportation

  • Aircraft Parts Repair

  • Aircraft Parts Lease

  • Aircraft Parts Trading

  • Aircraft Parts Repair and Overhaul

  • Aircraft Parts Procurement

  • Aircraft Spare Parts Procurement

  • Engine Boroscopic

  • Eddy Current Test

  • MRO Assistance

        Others as Required: If these services do not meet yours requeriments, please contact us for special services