Aircraft Maintenance Services

Aircraft Maintenance Support in Brazil

Aircraft Handling in Brazil

Global Aviation Technical Services is a company specialized in provides aircraft maintenance services support for commercial and private aircraft in Brazil and abroad. Our team of aircraft maintenance technicians is fully trained and equipped to provide various aircraft maintenance services for various types and models of aircraft in or outside Brazil.

  • Line Maintenance

  • Transit Check

  • A- Check

  • B- Check

  • C - Check

  • D- Check

  • MRO Assistance

  • Borescopic Inspection

  • Eddy Current Inspection

  • Aircraft Cleaning

  • Aircraft Painting

  • Aircraft Repairs


  • Others as Required: If these services do not meet yours requeriments, please contact us for special services


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United State (1) 786 587-8866

Brasil (55 11) 2988-1362/63

Brazil (55 11) 9472-36303