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Global Aviation Technical Services professional pilots have hundreds of hours and proven experience in performing demonstration flights, maintenance flights and acceptance flights and test flights on various aircraft models. Most of our pilots are also experienced flight instructors and can train new flight school owners. . . or instructors on your new purchase.

Aircraft Ferry Specialists, we know how valuable your time and your aircraft are. We have a select group of professional pilots who are actively working in the industry, have licenses for air transportation pilots, and have extensive experience delivering aircraft worldwide, from single-engine and multi-engine piston aircraft to commercial jets. and by plane.

All our pilots have current ATPL licenses and instrument ratings to the highest standards. We license pilots on Australian CASA, PNG CASA, EASA / JAR and FAA systems worldwide. We can also easily obtain temporary validations in any required country.

We are experienced in aircraft ferry flight service, aircraft ferry flight insurance, aviation ferry flight and others as requerid.


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