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Our technical management of the aircraft engine fleet aims to maximize the availability of each engine throughout its life cycle.

Modern aircraft and their engines have an immensely complex system to be controlled.

The Aircraft Engine Fleet Management system, developed by Global Aviation Technical Services, allows the field of maintenance and repair technologies to be optimally supported between scheduled workshop visits.

That's why Global Aviation Technical Services now offers its customers not only individual repairs and maintenance services, but can also help them manage entire engine fleets. The Aircraft Engine Fleet management aims to maximize the availability of each engine throughout its life cycle.

An important element of Aircraft Engine Fleet Management is Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM), a system that constantly and remotely monitors and controls various engine parameters through telematics.

The aircraft transmits all relevant satellite engine data to Global Aviation Technical Services, where it will be evaluated by our experienced engineers and technicians. Thus, indications of abnormal engine behavior can be easily identified and acted upon long before a critical failure occurs. Through its worldwide network of locations, Global Aviation Technical Services can offer this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Global Aviation Technical Services fleet management offers customers several advantages:

Coordinated motor maintenance programming helps prevent bottlenecks.
ECM enables maintenance planning and workspace to be optimized for lasting benefits.
ECM helps to detect any abnormalities in engine operation over time, thus preventing secondary damage from occurring.
For fleet management to be effective, it must be continually adapted to meet changing needs of airlines. Global Aviation Technical Services is constantly developing its fleet management system while continuing to refine its engine monitoring systems. With its sophisticated alerting tools and trends, the company can offer its clients increasingly targeted and specialized consulting services.