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Global Aviation Technical Services is a consulting company specialized in aviation consulting established in Miami-United States and a subsidiary in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Founded in 1997 by a group of experts in several areas from domestic and international commercial aviation, such as engineers, mechanics and aircraft maintenance technicians from various airlines, our clear and objective mission is to provide the best and safest maintenance and consulting services. of aircraft worldwide.

We are constantly motivated by our experience and know-how to help you protect your assets, ensuring that your operational and engineering needs are always being successfully and correctly managed and executed. Ours expert teams of our aviation advisory group have extensive experience in all fields of aviation service and aircraft maintenance.

We are ready to assist you with all yours aviation technical consulting services needs such as:

  • Aircraft Pre Purchase Inspection

  • Aircraft Records Digitization

  • Aircraft Remarketing

  • Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery

  • Aircraft Engine Fleet Management

  • Aircraft Lease Management

  • Aircraft Maintenance Records Audit

  • Aircraft Maintenance Support

  • Aircraft Ferry Flight

  • Aircraft Parts Repair

  • Aircraft Parts Supplier

  • Aircraft Trade

  • Airline Representation

  • Airline Start Up

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Global Aviation Consulting Services


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We got great savings using the aircraft purchase services of Global  Aviation Technical Services 

- Gabriela Nascimento



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